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    While X stuff may be in vogue these days, the popularity of X is nothing knew! More than being the designation for experimental aircraft, the younger generation, comic book heroes, and a popular movie, X has a distinguished and glorious past!

    Maybe you’ve seen the abbreviation Xmas for Christmas or Xtian for Christian. These are reminders of X’s greatest glory. You see, in the Greek alphabet, X is not “eX” but “Chi.” This X could be used alone and every believer would instantly Who was being talked about—Christ! You see the Greek spelling of Christ is Xristos. X is Christ.

    So Christians, or Xtians, have always had X Files! Not just any X Files. Not FBI X Files. But The Ultimate X Files. These are the files about the ultimate X, Christ. They are called the Gospels, the first four books of the New Testament—Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

The truth is in there.
    Unfortunately, these X Files are not very widely read, not even by Xtians. Having spoken in many different places, I’ve had audiences of Xtians take out their Bibles and turn it to the most worn portion of Scripture in their Bibles. Nearly everyone in every crowd has been shocked to find they are in the letters of Paul or in the book of Acts. Very few have spent the majority of their Bible reading time in The Ultimate X Files.

    While acknowledging the importance of The Ultimate X Files, we often don’t spend much time examining them. In an era when Xtians have widely embraced the WWJD slogan, it’s seems strangely incongruent to ask “What Would Jesus Do?” and then not spend time with Jesus in the Ultimate X Files to know WJD (What Jesus Did). Thankfully, we can easily correct this imbalance. One of the greatest gifts we have as Xtians is the collection of The Ultimate X Files. We can sit down and read four different accounts of the life of X. We can know WJD in his daily life by reading the Ultimate X Files.

    We’re halfway through another summer. Why don’t we use the remainder of this summer to read at least two of The Ultimate X Files. Let’s read one all the way through in one sitting. Before We read it, let’s ask God to reveal X to us more clearly than ever before. Then let’s read the second one through slowly and carefully, one chapter per day. Let’s read in several different translations. Let’s read looking for clues to what God is saying to us by sending X to earth. Let’s read asking God to help us fall more passionately in love with X and more convicted to follow him as Lord.

    Nothing could make a bigger difference to the world, nothing could help us better understand the meaning of being human, nothing could be more profound than for Xtians to truly be captured by the key focus of The Ultimate X Files and then living for X. After all, that’s what being Xtians is all about!


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