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    Thirty five feet! A mere thirty five feet from the door. That’s what some reports estimated the distance to be. Others said “steps away.” Christopher’s body lay in an alley, his life slowly ebbing away, in the shadow of a hospital. Health care workers on their break smoked nearby, aware of his plight. Emergency workers refused to go get him saying it was against policy to go off campus and render aid. After twenty minutes of waiting and begging, a police officer couldn’t stand it any longer and got a hospital wheelchair and brought the boy into the hospital. It was too late. The gunshot had done too much damage. Christopher was playing basketball when he was gunned down as an innocent victim, caught in between gang warfare. He was killed, because of neglect. Neglect of his personal situation and neglect of our inner cities in decay.

    An attitude of benign neglect or aloof uninvolvement is inexcusable for us as Christians. Jesus messed up most of the worship services he attended because he didn’t follow their list of worship prescriptions and rules at the expense of the broken, ill, and isolated. Instead, Jesus focused on broken people searching for God. He taught us that policy, tradition, and atmosphere all take second place to the redemption, salvation, and help of broken people. Jesus turned the legalistic question of “Who is the neighbor that I have to help?” around. He showed us that the real issue is this: “Who is in need? That’s who my neighbor is.”

Compassion isn’t compassionate until it ACTS.
    To be salt and light in a world of decay and darkness means we notice the brokenness, hurt, and despair around us and we DO something to make a difference in it. Feeling sad, sorrowful, or sympathetic doesn’t matter if it’s not acted upon. Compassion isn’t compassionate until it ACTS. A Christian isn’t a Christ-person, till he or she acts like Christ did with those in need.

    So while we’re getting worked up over a hospital that neglected its primary responsibility and health care workers who weren’t caring, let’s also open our eyes to the people in need around us and in our own cities. If any sense is to come out of Christopher’s life being lost to the violence of the streets and the neglect of those who should care, then we must commit Christopher to our memory and pledge ourselves to the work of Christ for all those Christophers around us and prayerfully commit ourselves to be a part of the solution to the decay of our cities that put other Christophers at risk.


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