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Less is More, by Phil Ware

    The rain pattered a muffled background tune to my inadequate words, as forty or so people huddled under the moveable awning. I didn’t know most of the folks present. In a way, the small number at the graveside was sad and troubling. But with the Lord’s help, I was able to see through the event with a spiritual eye and find the greater truth. This was one of those lives, one of those people, and one of those moments, where less is more.

    In a week when we have seen the heroic sacrifice of a sister in Christ to save her students, we are reminded once again of the incredible character and power of Christian faith and service. We sometimes discount the greatness of those with whom we share our prayers, our pews, and our fellowship. True greatness in Jesus’ Kingdom is never ostentatious. Most of those who are greatest among us go through life as unsung heroes. Because we have seen these folks so many times, we discount their greatness because of familiarity. But in the family of Jesus, we walk with giants! We live in the Kingdom where the last will be first, where the greatest is the one who serves, and where less is more.

Our Lord became less so we could have more.
    I shared my few words to honor the life of this woman who had lived 83 years. I acknowledged to those there to honor her that my words were horribly inadequate. Words can’t capture 83 years of living and decades of loving Christian service. I also acknowledged to myself that I wish I had known this fine lady more. I had really only met her when she brought a young man who was blind to confess Christ and to be baptized about ten years ago. I knew her face. I had heard rumors of her acts of kindness. But she preferred to serve without notoriety and fanfare. For her, less was more. Her life was given to serving those who could not see with their eyes. She was committed to help them know they were capable and significant. Whether others knew or acknowledge her service was irrelevant. There were people who needed her care and she gladly gave it.

    When Jesus settles all our life accounts, and all is exposed in the light of heaven’s priorities, I am fully convinced that those who are recognized as most important by God will mostly be folks that are largely unknown and seldom recognized in this life. We have a tendency to chase the great speakers, singers, and writers in the Christian community and overlook those Jesus sees as most important. Ours is a Kingdom where less is more because our Lord became less so we could have more.

    In a week when two funerals have filled my heart—one where a fine young Christian woman was honored as a hero and the other where a fine old Christian woman was laid to rest in a light rain with few people around—I am thankful that in Jesus’ eyes less is more and sacrifice is honored. I also challenge you to join me in seeking to honor those whom the Lord sees as great and not just those who lead out front. Ours is a Kingdom where less is more.


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