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My Son
by Tammy Mullican

When I look into his eyes and see the innocence and love,
I know that my special child was sent from up above.

And when I see that smile that lights up his whole face,
I know that I have truly been touched by God’s grace.

My SonAs he learns each new thing, even though he is behind,
I applaud each little step and know that through him I will find,

That simpleness of life and the things that matter most
Are not the same accomplishments that other parents boast.

But through my little William, who had a shaky start,
I’ve learned that peace and joy and love are matters of the heart.

And when in my weakness, with other children I compare,
May God graciously remind me that He’s always standing there.

Right beside me and to guide me, holding my hand and my son’s too,
And I know that little William sees Him better than I do.

Is that what makes him smile so bright and hold his hands up in the air?
Is he playing with God’s angels who have him in their care?

My son has taught me many things about the Father’s love,
The biggest one is knowing that He sent you from above!



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