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Dear Dad

This is a letter sent to a father from his daughter at Abilene Christian University. I believe it is a letter all of us would love to have from our daughter someday. It is included here for several reasons: 1) it is sound understanding of the biblical principles involved.; 2) it is a reminder to us that our children are watching and learning from us always; and 3) it helps us know that our kids are often more mature and spiritual than we sometimes think. If you have a “Dear Dad” letter we could include, please let us know! — phil@heartlight.org

Dear Dad,

    Today in Bible Class we discussed I Peter and Hebrews and the Christian family structure. For instance, the role of women in church and the family and the role of the man. We discussed how the husband is the chosen/appointed head of the family.

    One boy said that men are the head of the family and are more powerful than the woman because when crucial decisions need to be made-the man (husband) should obviously rule the family and call the decision. My professor disagreed with the boy and said a true Christ-like, Christian husband would allow the other family members to make the decision (as long as it’s in the best interest of everyone). The father should always sacrifice himself/his choices for the greater entity of the family.

    When he said this I immediately thought of my dad. He always sacrifices his pleasure and wants and needs for the happiness of his family. He would pay any price and risk any pain for our happiness. You are a true example of the Christ-like, servanthood behavior. Even if I don’t show it, I have learned so much from watching you. I know how much I enjoy pleasing my parents, and I’m sure your parents are smiling down from Heaven very pleased with their servant-like son.

    Thanks for everything I have that’s material and mostly for everything you’ve taught me about patience, unconditional love, servitude and laughter. You are the blueprint for a great dad.

I love you,

Your Daughter



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