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In Memory of Sherry Peek 1943-2013


Sherry Peek was an extra-ordinary wife, mother, grandmother, mother-in-law, sister, and friend who is deeply missed. She had a contagiously positive and spiritual outlook on life, and always saw the best in everyone and every situation — even in her health struggles at the end of her life. Sherry was a generous servant to others, and her bubbly personality made everyone feel welcomed and appreciated wherever she went.

During and after working full time at home to raise their two children, Sherry volunteered countless hours to the West Erwin Church Benevolent Center for over 20+ years and to the Glenwood Church Benevolent Center for many years prior to that. She was a preschool teacher at Glenwood Church’s “Little People School” for many years when her own children were young, and also volunteered as a Bible class teacher for the Glenwood Church children’s ministry.

Sherry was also a gifted artist who loved painting and drawing, giving most of her paintings away as gifts and cards to friends and family members, and offering her talents to decorate church classrooms through the years.

Sherry’s legacy, in partnership with Don her husband of more than fifty years, includes two children and five grandchildren.

“Sherry enjoyed life when things were good, and not so good. She had a rare nature that loved and cared for others. People looked to her as the leader because of her service, not her need to be in control. But most of all, Sherry had a faith and relationship with God that had no doubts. Her life reflected this faith in ways I have never seen in another." — Don Peek, Husband of 51 years.


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