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What is "From the Heart?"

- Heartlight Tools for your Web Site

Heartlight offers a variety of daily articles, devotionals, and graphics for our visitors use. Now we've added a feature called "From the Heart" which enables people with web sites to place some of their favorite Heartlight features on their web site.

Let's take an example. Let's suppose you would like to have a new Bible verse on your web site each day, so that your visitors will have something fresh to see every day. The process to add a new daily Bible verse is simple: we'll give you some HTML code to put on your site, and each day, our servers will update your code using java, and a new Bible verse will be displayed without any effort on your part. To see an example of what the Bible verse could look like, click here.

Feel free to browse our tools and see which free features you would like to add to your site!

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Here are some of the features you can put on your site:


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