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What Does Your Prayer Sound Like?
by Randal Matheny
“And they came to Him and woke Him up, saying, ‘Master, Master, we are perishing!’” Luke 8:24, NASB

    Accompanied by Jesus, the disciples are surprised by a windstorm that descended suddenly upon them in the middle of Galilee Lake and flooded their boat. Terrified, they rush to Jesus, thinking only that they are going to perish.

    What would a disciple of faith have done in this moment? Would he have left Jesus sleeping and commanded the wind to stop? At least, he would have shown confidence with Jesus nearby. His supplication would have sounded quite different were it conditioned by faith.

He will answer.
    Even without faith, the disciples ran to Jesus, woke him up and expressed their fear of dying in the storm. Even though Jesus rebukes them for their lack of faith, he acts and rebukes the wind and waves. Most incredible of all is this: Jesus even answers prayer that cries through lack of faith!

    What does your prayer sound like? Whatever it is, if it is directed toward the Lord, he will answer.

QUOTE: “Everything that Jesus did had more than a merely temporal significance. And the real meaning of this incident is that, wherever Jesus is, the storm becomes a calm.” —William Barclay

PRAYER: Father, may our supplication always demonstrate confidence in the power of your presence with us. But with or without faith, may we always run to your throne in our moment of need. By the ever-present Jesus, Amen.


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