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A Letter from the Front Lines
by Donald R. Dawes
From time to time, we get a note from someone in our Heartlight community that strikes home with us in a powerful way. Nearly all of us has a “circle of authority” (COA) given to us by God. Our COA is not by chance or just random fate. God puts us in places of influence and we are called by Him to act in a way that is redemptive. But for the authority of our lives to make an impact on those in our COA, we must first be in Jesus’ COA. -Phil

Dear Friends,

    Yesterday I took with me a tape of the Gospel According to Matthew from my copy of the New Testament on Cassette Tape. As I listened to Matthew’s record of the life of Jesus, I realized something I would like to share with you in order to give you a spiritual lift today.

    Just after the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus heals a leper and then the Centurion comes to Him to ask for help. He says to Jesus, “I am under authority and I have those who are under my authority.”

Seek first the kingdom of God…”
    Do you know how the Sermon on the Mount was received by the multitudes? They said that they had never heard anyone speak with such authority.

    If the Centurion was under authority and since Jesus spoke with authority, I conclude that in order to have authority… one must be under authority.

    Question: Who’s authority will you and I be under today as we live out our lives before God? I now realize that the only logical response I can have is to live under the authority of Jesus. That enables me to have those that are under my authority.

    Seek first the kingdom of God…and all else will be provided.

    “Lord help me to put first things first… help me to understand how to live under Your authority.”


Under Authority,

Donald R. Dawes


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