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Randy BectonBuild Up Your Own Student, by Randy Becton

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    Well, school has started once again. What expectations do and your child have for his or her future this year?

    Dr. Lawrence Steinberg wrote the book “Beyond the Classroom.” He studied 20,000 high school students. He wanted to know which students were admired in the student body. He was discouraged by the results:

  • 1/3 admired those who were partiers
  • nearly 1/6 admired those who tampered with drugs
  • only 1 in 10 admired the serious student

We’re not helpless parents. We can take action.
        But we’re not helpless parents. We can take action. We can pray for our students. We can work with our own students in our own home. Here’s what I recommend:

  • limit the media exposure that goes on in your house at night
  • make sure there is a mutually agreed upon goal for the educational life and the spiritual development of each child
  • make the evenings at your house quieter
  • spend time at home affirming your children
  • make them more God-centered

    If you will follow through on these objectives, you can look your student in the eye and say: “I am proud of you and I have great confidence in your expectations for yourself.”

    In this parnership and plan for our children, with God being our helper, we will succeed.

    For free printed materials, including and in depth self study on Jesus, call toll free 1(800)759-3300, or write herald@abilene.com, attn: Randy Becton.


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