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Randy BectonDream Time or Clock Time?, by Randy Becton   Real Audio

    The opening words of a book about the pioneers who settled Australia begins in this way: “The people of the dream watched the people of the clock come out of the sea and strike their flag staff firmly on the sand.”

    The people of the dream were the Aborigines. They measured their lives by the dreams they paid attention to. The settlers were the clock people. Life for them was measured by the running clock—how much they could accomplish in one day or one year.

    Are we living by the clock, or are we living by the dream?

“Maybe I have too many dreams?”
    Leighton Ford tells this story about his son Sandy at age 19, serving as a summer missionary in France. Sandy kept a journal. In the journal were these words: “I have lots of dreams about what life should be. Life to me is really short. Maybe I have too many dreams? Maybe I should narrow them, but I hate to!”

    Sandy could not know how short his life was. A little over 15 months later, he died during heart surgery. What a tragedy. By clock time, he lived only 21 years, but by dream time he is still alive because he thought of things he could accomplish for the glory of God.

    Do you live by dream time or clock time? Don’t you think the beginning of a new year is a great time to put your life on dream time!


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