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Randy BectonOvercoming Stress, by Randy Becton   Real Audio

    The American Academy of Family Physicians says that two thirds of all office visits involve some stress related symptoms. What can Jesus say, what has he done, that can help us cope with stress?

Jesus knows what he is talking about.
    You know that Jesus had a lot of stress in his life. His brothers didn’t believe in him and all through his ministry Satan threw enormous stress at him by assaulting him and slandering him. Jesus knows what he is talking about when he tells us that we don’t have to worry about our life. If we’ll seek first his Kingdom and his righteousness, God will take good care of us, just like he does the flowers of the field and the birds of the sky.

    Jesus told us that in this world we’re going to have trouble, we’re going to have stress, but we need to take heart because Jesus has overcome the world. Whatever the world dishes out doesn’t have to destroy us.

    Today remember: You are an overcomer through Jesus Christ. Remember that God has given his children power and love and self-discipline. He’s going to help you survive and surpass.

    Randy would love to share with you free resources to help you in your Christian walk. Call 1 (800) 759-3300 or email herald@abilene.com attn: Randy Becton and ask for any of the following: Five Steps You Can Take to Help Save Your Family, Ways to Be a More Loving Family, Jesus and His Church, Suffering: There is a Hopeful Word.


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