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Randy BectonKeep My Hope Alive, by Randy Becton   Real Audio

    Bob writes me a letter today and thanks me for the book The Power of Hope. But then he adds the words, “I am so lonely is there anything you can say today to keep my hope alive?”

    You may be like Bob today. So please, remember this: A close relationship with Jesus Christ, through the Word of God, can fill the time of loneliness and frustration better than anything else. Sometimes we watch television. Sometimes we read other books. But walking in Jesus’ footsteps in the Gospels with him helps us know that he will walk with us in our times of loneliness, right now.

You have to make this decision every day
    In addition, you can look to the Psalms (a collection of poems and songs in the Old Testament) and find your emotions fully expressed by King David and others who knew the extreme pressure of loneliness and they knew the wonderful presence of the Lord and his joy.

    The Word of God is written, not just to reference, but so that we might walk in it, live in it, and let it live in us.

    Bob, God loves you very much and he’ll tell you on every page of his word. Move fast to his Word and hope will be brighter and brighter.

    For resources to help you better get to know Jesus, check out WJD! For resources on Jesus and the Psalms from Randy Becton, email herald@abilene.com attn: Randy Becton or call 1 (800) 759-3300 and ask for one of the following resources: Getting to Know Jesus Bible Study, Praying the Psalms Cassette Tape, Living One Day at a Time book by Randy Becton. All resources are yours free.


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