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Randy BectonSurviving the Crisis, by Randy Becton   Real Audio

    In the fall of 1991, Gerald Sitzer was returning home with his family with his family from a weekend trip. What occurred then, shattered his world. He says he survived only because of the grace of God.

    You see, on that drive home, a speeding drunk driver slammed into his minivan. His wife of twenty years, his mother, and his four year old daughter all perished.

It is never easy.
    Is a catastrophe like this impossible to overcome?

    Gerald’s recent book, A Grace Disguised, tells us that this courageous man questioned whether God existed at all. He was tormented by his inability to explain the accident. But as he looks back and as he writes, he looks back on one profound lesson that God taught him:

His desperate need for the grace of God.
He says that instead of despair, he has used this horrible time of loss to deepen his dependence upon God.

    It is never easy. It is not easy for you today to survive tragedy. But faith remains your best choice. God is trustworthy. While you may have to face times of doubt, anger, fear, and uncertainty, your faith can help you find your way through to the God who has never abandoned you.

For more help on dealing with crisis, call toll free 1(800)759-3300, or write herald@abilene.com, attn: Randy Becton, and ask for Randy’s free personal booklet, Suffering: Is there a hopeful word?

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