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    Born to a poor and struggling couple, Herman Cain had many odds against him. You’d be surprised, though, to see how far he has gone since his humble beginnings.

    “Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.” This Psalm (Psalm 37), fits well with Herman’s life. He rose from poverty to a top position in the food service industry. Today, he is Chairman of the Board, CEO, and part owner of Godfather’s Pizza. In 1994, he became the first black president of the National Restaurant Association.

    Herman has had great success in the face of adversity. He’s worked very hard and he’s followed the spiritual guidance of his mother who taught him that success is not a function of what you start with materially, but what you start with spiritually. In every major decision, Herman tries to turn to God for guidance. The key to his success, he says, is in giving glory to God.

    Now Herman’s story encourages me! And it should encourage you as you go about your daily activities and responsibilities. Do what you do trusting in God and delighting yourself in his presence! You too may be surprised to find that he gives you the desires of your heart!

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