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Randy BectonThe Most Important Decision, by Randy Becton   Real Audio

    The most important decision you and I will ever make is “Who is Jesus Christ to us?” Have we placed our faith in him as Lord and Savior? Have we devoted our life to responding to his grace? Once that decision has been made, once you have committed yourself to following him, there is a critical next step. I want to know if you’ve taken that next step?

    Some people call the 90’s the decade of individualism. Have you noticed how many of us come home at night and we are so tired that we cocoon ourselves from the outside world inside our own home? We don’t go anywhere we don’t have to go. We’re not accountable to anybody.

This just can’t be.
    This tendency to be by ourselves has also seeped into our Christian commitment. Many people who claim to love Jesus Christ have dropped out of active involvement in the church. This just can’t be.

    When God makes us his child, he also gives us a family. This family is the church of the Lord Jesus Christ. Our involvement in this family is fundamental to our strong Christian walk.

    I know some of you have been burned. I know some of you have been hurt by others. But I’m asking you today to make a new decision to commit yourself to a church that follows Jesus Christ. It may not be the most important decision you ever make, but it will be in the top two!


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