Prayer Plan

       A prayer plan using the acrostic REBELS, are you kidding me? No! We're encouraging you to focus less on immediately seen needs and focus on our primary purpose as Jesus' disciples.
       Many are upset with the slide of our culture into the post modern abyss. They see values, or a lack of them, as absolutely foreign to those promoted by Jesus and his early disciples. In frustration, they try everything they know to try to change things, except maybe the most important one -- rebellion!
       We're not advocating rebellion against the government or society, but a rebellion against ungodliness and apathy. We seek a rebellion that calls us to align with a counter culture, an alternative kingdom.
       When we became Christians, Paul said we were rescued from the dominion of darkness and transferred into the Kingdom of God's Son (Colossians 1:13). We rebelled against culture and kingdom and found Christ.
       Rather than viewing the people of our culture our enemies, we view them as those who need to be rescued by the forces of the rebellion -- we are REBELS with a Cause! Please pray for the Rebellion of Light to triumph these next two months!

each out We are to reach out, reach over and reach around all barriers to contact others with the love of God and the grace of Jesus (John 20:21-23). Pray for our efforts, and your personal participation, to reach lost and broken people, new people to our community, visitors to our church, people new to our jobs, those in life transitions, and those with difficulties that we may touch them as Jesus did. .
vangelize The message of Jesus is good news. Good because it brings hope, tells of God's love, and leads to salvation. Pray for your own opportunities to let others know about your hope in Jesus (1 Peter 3:15). Pray for those who evangelize the lost in your church and in the mission field. Pray for God to pour out his Spirit on both the evangelists and those who hear.
aptize Baptism is the forgotten dynamic of the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20). But without baptism, participation in the death of Jesus is lost and connection to the body of Christ, his church is not tangibly experienced. Pray for many to be baptized through the disciple making efforts of our church.
ncourage Ask God to open your eyes to those who need encouragement. New Christians and those who have recently come back to God are especially in need of encouragement as they face the attacks of the on seeking to reclaim them back into his kingdom. But look around and encourage as long as there is still a Today (Hebrews 3:12-3).
ove Pray for the Holy Spirit to pour God's love into your heart and your church so it can overflow with the love, joy, and peace of God (Romans 5:5). New Christians and those who have been broken by life's bitter circumstances especially need our love. But don't just pray for them, actively love them!
end Ask God to empower those we send out from us to serve in the mission efforts. But even more, ask the Lord to send more to work in the fields that are ripe to be harvested for him (Matthew 9:37-38). Most of all, ask God to send you to share his grace with someone today. Finally, ask God to bless new Christians that they can be sent out to share their faith.