Motivation for the Marketplace
Motivation for the Marketplace
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No one leads effectively without a clear understanding of mission and the rock solid foundation provided by value clarity.
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Leadership and Team-Building

    No matter what your opinion of him, you've got to hand it to him. Don Nelson knows how to take action once he's made up his mind! In the space of little more than a week, the new general manager for the Dallas Mavericks changed the face of the entire organization from front line to equipment manager! The Dallas Morning News sports writer, Randy Galloway, characterized the quick and sweeping action as Nelson's decision to "fire the entire team".

    If the owners of the Mavericks wanted decisive action, they certainly got their wish! In spite of his 20 plus years in the league, Nelson has been criticized since the trade for not getting enough value back from the "stars" he traded to New Jersey in the blockbuster nine-player trade. But second guessing doesn't seem to phase Nelson. He knew something had to be done and he understood his job description.

    Watching Nellie, as he is know around the league, work over the last three weeks reminded me of a few basic principles leaders in any organization would do well to remember. Using Nelson as the model, consider these keys to effective leadership and team building.

  1. Define, embrace and communicate your "core values" as an individual and as an organization. For Don Nelson, hard work, positive attitude, team and up tempo fun on the court fall into the category of "non-negotiable".

    Comparing the team he inherited to his basic value system made a big shakeup inevitable. No one leads effectively without a clear understanding of mission and the rock solid foundation provided by value clarity. Once you define your values, communicate them clearly and often to other team members, then talk and walk your values every day.

  2. When your values and your mission call for action, don't hesitate, act. Once you understand your assignment and the basic beliefs you'll use to measure your decisions, get after it! He who hesitates is not only lost, but foolish.

  3. Pursue your mission with enthusiasm, determination and abandon. How you work matters. Believers affect everyone around them. Any task deemed necessary by your mission and your understanding of right and wrong calls for wholehearted effort. Give it all you have.

  4. Accept responsibility for your actions as a leader. Sometimes you'll be wrong. You'll take a wrong turn. Things won't go exactly as you planned or hoped. Nelson's new Mavericks may not end the season with a better record than the team he dismissed. He made the call. He bears the weight of the responsibility. Face it: Leaders are accountable.

  5. Share the credit when you achieve success. If you succeed, never forget to recognize you did not make it by yourself. Acknowledge the contribution of other team members. Freely share the rewards of success.

  6. Never underestimate the importance of joy and plain old fun. People were made to work, to create and to produce. It's just what we do. Accept your role in life and be content. Take time to enjoy the process of your life and work.


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