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Frequently Asked Questions

Of the first 1,000 that I answered, many were asking the same questions, so here are some common ones and their accompanying answers:

What do you mean by fasting?
The original idea of the fast was no food, liquids only. A lot of people asked about that.

What if I can't fast like that?
If you have health problems (a lot of diabetics wanted to fast but said they couldn't) you could fast partial foods. How about fruit only? How about vegetables only? How about salads and fruit only? You can also think beyond fasting for food. Think of anything that you would want throughout the day, and then deny yourself it. It could be sweets, it could be TV, it could be the Web, it could be traveling by car, it could be sports, it could be shopping... whatever, anything that you will be sacrificing. God will know and will hear it.

Do I have to be from the same political party as the president?
Absolutely not! This is a non-partisan effort — it's not about Republicans or Democrats, it's about promoting holiness in the most powerful office on the planet. In fact, one of our earliest fasters wrote us and said this:
"Your email was forwarded to me, and normally this is not something I would do as I am a staunch democrat, but God wants me to do this. Those in authority, regardless of their political affiliation, always need prayer. I think that this will help me grow as a Christian also. I will be fasting on the 15th of every month. Thank you for all you are doing. God is using you to motivate people in prayer."

Is my privacy secure?
Please know that your e-mail address will NEVER BE GIVEN OUT to anyone. There is no reason for that to happen. I started out a "one man show," now we're a "two man show," and we promise to NEVER give out your address. No one's making a penny out of this and never will.

Why shouldn't we sign up for our birthday?
The whole idea was to sign up for a date that was not your birthday so that you could enjoy your birthday cake!

Can someone sign up without email?
We cannot send "hard-copy" reminders out. All this has to be done by e-mail so we are not having to put any money into it.
2nd Term Fasting Questions

Can I switch dates for fasting?
Yes. If you fasted the first four years on the 12th (for example), you can change that date to whatever you want for the next four years.

Can I quit halfway through?
Yes. If for whatever reason you need to stop, go to the tab which says "Sign Off" and you can get off the list. But we do want you to think of it as a four year commitment.

Do I have to sign up again if I fasted the first four years?
No. The Lord has been pleased with all you've done, and if you feel you don't want to, that's fine.

Would this fasting effort be here if Kerry had won?
Absolutely. This is not a "Republican thing." This is fasting for the reputation of our Lord among the nations. Whoever is in the oval office will be prayed and fasted for whether they want it or not!

What about major holidays?
Please feel free to either miss major holidays like Christmas or Thanksgiving or Easter, or switch with another day.

Can I switch days every so often and not notify anyone?
Yes. When this first went out, it was hoped we would have one or two people fasting each day. Therefore we definitely needed to know who was fasting and when. But now with hundreds, sometimes a thousand people fasting, feel free to switch to another day if you have the need to. (This sometimes comes up for business reasons, unexpected guests, etc.) Even if half the people are switching, we feel confident that each day is covered.

Can our family cover one day?
Yes. Let's say a family wants to fast on the 10th of each month. Three of you may eat while one of you fasts. Or maybe one person fasts breakfast, one person lunch, and another dinner. As long as one person is fasting, that's all that matters. Just simply sign up once on the list. If all four of you fast, that's even better. But if all four are going to be fasting consistently, sign up four times. But if you want the freedom to have some fast and others eat, just sign up as "one person", but make the commitment as a family.

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