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PrayingHow It Grew!

The original e-mail was sent out two days prior to President Bush's first inauguration. Bob got his first response within two hours. Then it began to pour in!

Within the first week of his presidency, 1,000 people signed up to fast. The original e-mail was sent out to 300 people on Bob's personal e-mail newsletter list... They spread it out from there, all over the world!

One woman signed up to fast and wrote "I got this through my friend in the Philippines, just where exactly are you located?" We've also got people from Korea, Columbia, Turkey and Central Asia fasting!

One of the neat things is that God used it to unite this nation in a small way. One person wrote:

"I'm Libertarian, and I wanted anyone except Bush to become president. First I favored Elisabeth Dole, then John McCain, and then after they both dropped out, Libertarian Harry Browne. To compound matters, I also have the fortune to live in Texas, where opposition to Bush was and is commonly equated with blasphemy. Eventually I came to resent him, partially for his politics and to a greater degree for the over-zealousness of his "disciples"...

Now Bush is President, servant to my nation, and one can only pray that his actions will be motivated by goodwill for humanity. I have found it extremely difficult to see this as a possibility, and I welcome your opportunity to make personal sacrifices for the benefit of the President and myself.

I would like to fast for Bush on the 8th day of every month. Thank you for this opportunity."

In the process of responding to the first 1,000 people, Bob got swamped. He would put the kids to bed then come back out and work on it till the late night hours.

A guy by the name of Paul Lee signed up to fast and also basically said "If you're getting swamped, I'd love to help you respond to what God is doing..."

Bob wrote back to Paul and very quickly said "Yes, please call me."

They were in touch and he helped set the entire system up to handle what God is doing through a web site. That is now this web site, www.hearthlight.org/fast

The first 1,000 people had signed up to fast within the first week. By March 1st, 5,000 had signed up, and on May 4th, 10,000 had signed up.

Toward the end of his first term, 14,860 people were fasting on a regular basis. Most fasted monthly, a few weekly. Each day President Bush and his cabinet had anywhere from 200 to over 1,000 people fasting for them (depending upon what day it was)!

On December 20th, the names of all of those fasters were erased. A new call to sign up for fasting went out. This was done to ensure accurate numbers of those fasting.

Both Bob and Paul still feed the need to fast and pray on behalf of the President and his cabinet is needed and wanted by our Lord. If you feel the Lord calling you to fast, please sign up.


Sponsored by Bob Sjogren and Paul Lee (who happen to be with UnveilinGLORY/ACMC and Heartlight).
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