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You Can Help!

This is a grass-roots movement. We aren't being sponsored by major corporations, and we don't have money to spread the word. So that's where you come in! You can help us get the word out in a variety of ways. Here are a few:

  • Put information in your church bulletin. Click here for a sample announcement you can use! Or try this one.

  • Tell a Friend! Send an email to your friends and family inviting them to visit our site and sign up!

  • Link to this site. Do you have a web page? Put a link on it to Fast for George W! Soon, we'll have small graphics you can use to link to us, too!

Thanks for partnering with us in God's movement!


Sponsored by Bob Sjogren and Paul Lee (who happen to be with UnveilinGLORY/ACMC and Heartlight).
Email comments and questions to fast4georgew@heartlight.org.
For technical issues, contact webmaster@heartlight.org.