Champion of Change

The Transforming Power of the Holy Spirit # 003


We often think of change occurring most dramatically when we turn our lives over to the Lordship of Jesus at our conversion. While this is true, the Lord doesn’t just quit working on us. Because each Christian is given the Holy Spirit at his or her baptism (Acts 2:28-29; cf. 1 Corinthians 6:11; 12:13; Titus 3:3-7), the work of transformation has just begun. The Spirit keeps working on us to mature us to the very likeness of Jesus Christ (2 Corinthians 3:18). The following story, which comes from Randy Becton and  “The Caring Touch” is a powerful example of how The Champion of Change is constantly at work in our lives to lead us in the direction of the Lord’s will. After reading this story, I would encourage you to read the beginning of Acts 13 and see how closely this story parallels the beginning of the Apostle Paul’s own missionary adventures!.

By His grace,

        Louella Smiddy works among the Indians of Riobamba, Ecuador. She lives high in the mountains of Ecuador and intends to die there. This school teacher from Texas has an unusual story she is telling with her life.

        Everybody calls Louella  “Mama Lou.” She lives in the mountains and works with the Quichua Indians, to whom she is devoted. She is there because she loves them and wants them to know the story of Jesus. Mama Lou is different from most missionaries in one important respect: she is 101 years old—quite possibly the oldest living missionary.

        Mama Lou was born in 1895 and retired from teaching school in 1960. In 1988, when she was 93 years old, she unretired! She embarked on her new life as a missionary to the Indians of Ecuador. In the last eight years, she has won their hearts. At her one hundredth birthday, they conducted a celebration in her honor that lasted three days.

        Mama Lou plans to spend the rest of her life in Ecuador. At 10,000 feet she says heave is just a little bit closer. Meanwhile, she tends her garden and writes her autobiography entitled,  “My First 100 Years.”

        In an age when so many are looking to retire from active service to the Lord, Mama Lou hear the call of the champion of change. She answered that call by making a life change most of us would find challenging in our youth when we’re eager for change and new things. But she heard, and answered, the call. The Champion of Change doesn’t stop working on us until we’re completely like Jesus or have gone home to be with Him. What’s he calling you to change? Mama Lou would encourage you to answer the call, no matter your age!


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