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Be Still!

by Allen Tappe

      Where do you go for comfort when it seems there is none to be found?

...when the most important things in your life have been stripped away?
...when fear grips you so tightly it seems as though you will never breathe freely again?
...when you hurt so badly you begin to believe you will never heal?

      Where do you go to find answers to these soul wrenching questions?

      The answer to all our questions is found in God. He alone is big enough to handle this life. Yet He is small enough to live in your heart. When it becomes abundantly clear to us that our challenges are outside of our capabilities, we turn to Him.

      You can hear it in the shrieks of people as the watch their world crumbling around them. It has no doubt been on your lips as it has upon mine, "Oh... My God!"

      Almost two thousand years ago, those same words were uttered from a Roman cross, "My God, my God, why...?"

      Hundreds of years before that, King David cried out using those same words. It's recorded in the twenty-second Psalm. "My God, my God, why...?"

      When it seems God is so far from us, is He?

      If He is all-powerful how can He let the unimaginable happen?

      If He cares, how can He let his people hurt?

      The answer lies in His love. It lies in the relationship He seeks with his people. He is not a god of domination and dictatorship. Yet, because of the relationship He desires, He lets us choose. It's the only way loves works.

      So where do we go for our confidence, in the midst of all our pain and confusion?

      Well, we go to our faith. We do not deny God's involvement. Rather we claim it. We trust in the fact that while it is not His will for us to kill and destroy each other, He is always present as the God of Resurrection. That is the answer.

      He is enough. None of it scares Him. None of it is beyond His reach. He weeps for our pain, yet He knows that even through the pain of death, He will bring life to His people. No one leaves this life outside of His love. If they loved Him, you can trust that even now they are in His loving care. If their hearts have welcomed Him, even in a moment, He has welcomed them. You can trust it. God provides for His own no matter how tragic things may appear, no matter what men may think.

      Long ago, Elijah found himself under overwhelming siege. His servant was fearful. Elijah prayed that the servant's eyes would be opened so he could see. God granted that prayer and his servant saw that they were encircled by angels and chariots of fire. The apostle Paul once prayed for Christians in the city of Ephesus. He prayed that the eyes of their hearts would be opened, that they might know the presence and the power of God.

      Jesus hung on a horrible cross of torture, yet with perfect love and peace in His heart said, "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do." How do we find comfort? We go to the one that understands. He, too, has been a victim. He is the only one who brings the victory. He knows the enemy. He sees him. He has also dealt with him. We may not see or understand. In fact, it is beyond us. But it is not beyond Him. We must walk by faith and not by sight.

To those who have suffered loss, He will provide for your needs.
To those who are in pain, He will heal.
To those who feel powerless, He will give power.
May God bless you as you lean upon Him. May you feel His loving touch. May you trust His presence in your life even when it doesn't seem that He is there. Because He is. And He cares for you more than you can know. Let Him be your answer. Listen to His comfort. Let Him be your counsel. May He be your comfort now.

(This message is from the introductory remarks of Allen Tappe's SpiriTalk #4. SpiriTalk is a recording of soft background music and personally applied Scriptures designed to be listened to regularly to fill our hearts with messages of truth and hope from God's Word. SpiriTalk #4 has comfort as it's focus.)

      © 2001, Allen Tappe.Used by permission.SpiriTalk

      Title: "SpiriTalk 4: Comfort"
      Author: Allen Tappe
      Publication Date: October 27, 2001

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