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The Promise-Keeper The Promise-Keeper
    by Scott Owings

“ ...the promises of the Lord are promises that are pure...”

    No matter how hard we try, we will break our promises to our children. We are not perfect and cannot do all we commit to them. Even when we don’t use the word, "I promise..." children pick up on the times when our deeds don’t match our words. Foolish is the parent who never admits his or her inability to keep a promise. Sadly, we are all promise-breakers.

    The Lord, however, always fulfills his word. When we fail, we should remind our children that even though we have let them down, the Lord never will. He will do all that he said he would do, in his way and in his timing. We must frequently tell our children the stories of the Bible where God’s pure promises were kept (i.e., to Abraham, to Gideon, to Peter). Equally crucial, we must tell them our stories of how the hand of the Lord has protected and led us in life.

    There is no imperfection with the Lord; his promises are true and have purified through the fires of time.

Psalm 12

1 Help, O Lord, for there is no longer anyone who is godly; the faithful have disappeared from humankind. 2 They utter lies to each other; with flattering lips and a double heart they speak. 3 May the Lord cut off all flattering lips, the tongue that makes great boasts, 4 those who say, "With our tongues we will prevail; our lips are our own—who is our master?" 5 "Because the poor are despoiled, because the needy groan, I will now rise up," says the Lord; "I will place them in the safety for which they long." 6 The promises of the Lord are promises that are pure, silver refined in a furnace on the ground, purified seven times. 7 You, O Lord, will protect us; you will guard us from this generation forever. 8 On every side the wicked prowl, as vileness is exalted among humankind.

Bible text is from The New Revised Standard Version, (Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1989). Used by permission.

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About the Author...
Scott Owings is currently a missionary in Prague, Czech Republic.

Title: "The Promise-Keeper"
Author: Scott Owings
Publication Date: May 13, 2000



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