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“And Jesus looking upon them saith, “With men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible” (Mark 10:27)

    The world’s attention was turned to Sudan early in 1995 when former President Jimmy Carter engaged in a peace-related mission, attempting to resolve the bloody civil war there. He emerged with the promise of a two-month cease-fire.

    For too many years, the Muslim Sudanese government in the north, and the Christian and animist rebels in the south had been at war. At issue was the northern government’s imposition of Islamic law throughout the nation. Their weapons ranged from deliberate starvation to bombs and bullets. In all, more than 1.3 million lives were lost.

“The cease-fire was negotiated on behalf of the guinea worm.”
    The cease-fire agreement was forged in what had traditionally become the prime season for heavy fighting. Was it Carter’s persuasive powers alone that won the agreement? Unfortunately not, said one State Department official. “The cease-fire was negotiated on behalf of the guinea worm.” It appears the combatants agreed to stop fighting largely to allow medical workers to treat those suffering from a terrible parasitic disease.

    Any break in such a bloody conflict is welcome... even if it takes a tiny worm to bring it about!

    God has a history of using the insignificant to accomplish the impossible. He used Moses, lacking in confidence and stammering of speech, to lead His people to the Promised Land. He used an insignificant shepherd boy named David, forgotten by his family but noticed by God, to lead His nation Israel. He also used an ordinary tree, shaped as a cross, to bring salvation to humanity.

    Today, remember that through God, no person or thing is ever insignificant, and He does immeasurably more than anything we are capable of doing on our own.

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Title: "Insignificance"
Author: Timely Truths
Publication Date: April 8, 2000



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