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Mary's Choice
The story is familiar, maybe to the point that we have forgotten how incredible it is. Some have trouble accepting the virgin conception and birth of Jesus because it is so outside our experience.... (read more)

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It IS More Blessed!
This was one of those God-timed emails. It arrived at just the right moment for several of us at the church office. The email was sent from one of... (read more)

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What Do You Do?
Donna and I sat as proud parents. Our daughter, Megan, was honored with the servant leadership award along with about a dozen or so other... (read more)

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Older Articles from 'Two Minute Meditations'

Always with Thanksgiving
When I was a little boy, my dad sometimes filled in as a preacher at little congregations. What he lacked in polish, he made up for in passion... (read more)
Respect Your Mother!
When all this began two months ago, I wanted to share with you seven principles your grandfather, Daddy Al, taught me. I know that you never... (read more)
What Reveals Your Character?
I want to share with you the sixth principle your Daddy Al tried to teach me many years ago. What I appreciated is that he demonstrated this... (read more)
Look Them in the Eye
Hope you are doing well and have been blessed by these memories I'm sharing with you about your Daddy Al. I wished you had gotten the chance to know... (read more)
Hold Your Head Up!
Well, I'm not sure how much you are getting out of these letters talking about your grandfather's values, but they've been a blessing to me to write... (read more)
Skin Color Shouldn't Matter
Recently, someone asked why we changed the words to the song, "Jesus Loves the Little Children" when we sing it today at church. (In fact, this... (read more)
Live with Passion
Well, this is my second letter to you about your grandfather's values. Even though neither of you ever got to know him, you've seen some... (read more)
Jesus Is Everything
We got everything all set for the pictures, sat down together, and you had a significant "diaper malfunction" that required several of us to need to have... (read more)
Beyond Remembering
The date was September 12, a Friday. Donna and I had made a long trip with our two month old son to east Texas so I could speak at a youth... (read more)
Let's Go Somewhere Else
Following Jesus and ministering in his name fills life with hard choices. I faced some of those tough choices this past Friday. These hard choices... (read more)
Recently, I had to change the route I drove to work because of a road closure. My new route took me down a street I have travelled many times... (read more)
One Thing
We often get so distracted by many things. We become all circumference and no center. We run from task to task, never really understanding where... (read more)
The Front Porch
So many folks these days are interested in Jesus, but are truly turned off by organized religion. At least they are turned off by what they portrayed negatively... (read more)
The Jesus Vibe: The Shear
Several years ago, I was on the "red eye" flight from Seattle to Austin. Most of us were sound asleep when we awoke to the feel of the jetliner... (read more)
The Jesus Vibe: Daily Altar of Grace
There is a part of us that would like to take our worship to God and compartmentalize it — you know, relegate it to a certain time and place... (read more)
The Jesus Vibe: Prayer
When Reuel prays, I feel like I am in the very throne room of heaven, witnessing a conversation with someone... (read more)
The Jesus Vibe: Servant
Don't you imagine that the Lord's Supper those first few years was tough on Jesus' closest followers... (read more)
The Jesus Vibe: Crouching at the Door
How could he do what no other human being has ever done? Where did he get this power? How did he find the strength to... (read more)
Christ at the Center
On the way home from church, Joshua's dad wanted to know what his pre-school son's teacher had taught him in Bible class. His dad's interest... (read more)
Just Keep Singing
Less than two months after the doctor told him he had cancer, my friend was in the last hours of his life. His body was shutting down. His speech... (read more)
Less Than Advertised
For the last two weeks, Donna and I spent time on a rest and study retreat in the Hill Country of Central Texas. Because of the rainy spring and early... (read more)
While I Sleep
About six months ago, I began to pray that the Lord would minister to those that I love, and to me, while we... (read more)
Come Away to a Quiet Place?
How do you restore your energies after you have reached the spiritual exhaustion point? What do you do when the fatigue debt has mounted so... (read more)
Thanks Dad!
Even though my dad passed away when I was 25, I was incredibly blessed to have him as my father the years that he lived. He was passionate. He led hundreds... (read more)
The Violence of the Wicked?
At first glance, this Psalm appears to be asking for retribution against our enemies. Our modern "sensibilities" recoil... (read more)
Our Need to Remember
Roy died at a ripe old age with many memories. His life was full of both good and bad memories, but he chose... (read more)
Rhythms of Grace
Rest has never been one of my strengths. I grew up in a "get it done now" environment where laying around was... (read more)
With Gentleness and Respect
We in the Christian, church-going community suffer from an awful credibility problem. We can pretend it isn't... (read more)
Beyond Defending Our Fortresses
How we view ourselves matters supremely. How we picture our walk with Christ as his followers — as his people, his community... (read more)
Two Weeks
If you are a little kid, two weeks can seem like forever if you are waiting for Christmas. If you are retirement age, two weeks can seem like the... (read more)
Inviting Darkness Home
There are times that I simply hate the routine! Since I am usually the last one in bed, I go around and check all the door locks, turn off all... (read more)
Tearing Down the Walls
In the U.S., we have lived through the awful extremes of the race issue. We’ve shared the joy of the 60th anniversary of Jackie Robinson's... (read more)
There You Will See Him!
Distant ... faint ... soft echoes ... like the incessant drip of a faucet, barely audible, but maddening... (read more)
Even if It Means a Cross
We'd like to have a "Tinkerbelle Jesus" — a Jesus who can fix all our problems in our personal lives, then when... (read more)
Of Natural Causes
Larry Eugulon died of natural causes the coroner suggested. I balked at the suggestion, because Larry was only 51 years old. Now for some... (read more)
A World of Deception
We live in a world of deception. Part of the art of modern advertising finds much of its allure in deception... (read more)
The Prayer of an Angel
My friend, Bill, told me that for centuries, Down's Syndrome children were considered angels in many Scandinavian cultures. He understands... (read more)
Cashing in Our Hearts
When I was little, I prayed for a pony and got a horse. Now granted, the horse was wild, not fully grown, and we... (read more)
Thanks for the Memories and More
Ten years is a long time. It's longer than many marriages last. We call it a decade. For a web ministry, it is considered... (read more)
Grace Is Amazing
When you talk to folks about their favorite Christian hymn, most Christians speak freely and with deep... (read more)
Surprised by Love
Sentimentalists, don't get your hopes up by this title; this isn't a "chick flick" worthy story. It is, however, about... (read more)
Escape Velocity?
Over the years, I have often reminded people of a truth that we so often forget when we find ourselves in... (read more)
The Light Within You
To start the year, we spent two weeks in Germany. It was a lovely trip with beautiful green scenery, but we only... (read more)
Sometimes I Just Like to Listen Now
As a young preacher, one of the most intimidating things was having a brotherhood legend as one of my... (read more)
Change of Plans
Years ago, my fiancée — who happens now to be my wife Donna — went home to Ohio for the Christmas... (read more)
A Violent Grace
Now that the sentimental season of Christmas has come and gone, we can revisit the real story for a harsh... (read more)

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