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2000 Two Minute Meditations:

God-Shaped Hole
      He made it, and only He can fill it.

We're Going to Have a Baby!
      Those words changed everything.

A Pause to Glance Back
      Take some time and reflect...

      Stuck in a place we don't want to be...

Cacophony of Anticipation
      It sounds great!

Life, With Thanksgiving
      Phil searches with thanksgiving.

      We're looking forward to it.

The Real Work of Voting
      It's more than pulling a lever.

Getting our Licks In
      How can we fight back?

Hold the Grits, Please
      Some things just come with life, I suppose.

New, Not Improved
      Can he really make us new?

The Ones You Didn't See
      Behind every medal...

Hurricane Warnings
      Are you prepared for the storms?

Half Full or...
      How do you see it?

Without His Words
      Read the instructions.

A 35-Year-Old Gift that Keeps on Giving
      Precious memories, how they linger.

The Lie of Fluff
      Be real.

Moving Beyond the Ashes
      Where do you go next?

Faith Break
      Is there such a thing?

Last in Line

The Angel Within
      You bring a message.

Stuck on Stop

Midnight Waterings and Yellow Grass Musings
      Hang in there, because autumn is coming!

That Sweet Vacation of Rest
      Rest can be hard work.

Break the Cycle!
      Make it stop!

The Waiting
      Can you wait?

Proofreaders for Life
      You can't catch everything.

Behind the Scenes
      Don't you wish you had a "heavenly headset"?

Go with Confidence!
      To boldly go where few have gone before...

It’s Not Fair!
      Some things can't be tolerated.

I Heard the Mourning Dove
      Even in moments of pain, God gives us small graces.

Journeyman Joe
      Joe Strong is a model of perseverance.

Where Would We Be Without our Mothers?
      Nowhere, man. We better appreciate them!

What Do You Do When You’re Doing Nothing?
      Sit back and relax...

Mower Musings
      Why do I like mowing so much?

The Joy of Sunrise
      We can't wait for morning.

Just a Dab of Honey
      Really, that's all it takes!

And the Grasshopper Got Away!
      Lookout for oncoming Buicks!

      God cares for you.

The Believer’s Atheism
      Are you sure you believe in God? Act like it!

Why So Hard?
      It's tough to say "I'm sorry..."

You’re Not Supposed to Try to Hit It from Here!
      Are you making it too hard on yourself?

I’m Irrational About My Kids
      Can you blame me?

Take a Leap!
      Ready for a leap of faith?

The Culture of the Crude
      Vulgarity is all around us.

Beyond Agape to God
      Find love, God-style.

Thanks, Bert!
      Thanks to a man of Godly service.

This Victory is Already Won!
      We hate to spoil the ending, but...

Circle the Globe, Not the Wagons
      Don't disconnect from the world, reach out to it.

The Hidden Sonrise
      Our hopes rest in the rising Son.

Ups and Downs
      Ups and downs, God helps us through them all.

It’s a New Thing
      Our new year, century and millenium... and our new opportunity.

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