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Lose It for Good!
You can't miss the headlines: "One in four adults is overweight or clinically obese," "Overweight youth more likely to watch more TV," "More than a billion ... (read more)

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What Do You Learn from the Darkness
He must have had something different in mind when he announced to the church, "We are going deeper this year. This will be our year to tackle the deep... (read more)

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Our Legacy
Children are gifts from God. God has entrusted us with something precious to him — an eternal someone, a living soul. I am filled with awe ... (read more)

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Older Articles from 'Together in His Grace'

High Cost Forgiveness?
Inside church, forgiveness is talked about every weekend. But, when you get outside the walls of church, the reality ... (read more)
No Greater Love
My wife and I were recently in a setting with several long-time friends. We felt love. We felt fortunate. We felt the presence of God as we were ... (read more)
God in the boring Stuff?
For the believer, life is a growing collection of God stories. You have more than you know. God is there in every new page of the adventure, whether we ... (read more)

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