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A Manger, A Cross, and an Empty Tomb
A mother quietly weeps as her son is prepared by officers of the State for execution. Her mind filled with so many things, but one reoccurring thought haunts ... (read more)

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The Futility of Resolutions
Christmas is past, and the New Year is right around the corner. Have you made any resolutions yet? Researchers from the University of Scranton found that 40 to 45% of American adults make resolutions each year. They also found that only 75% of those resol... (read more)

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In a Dream
Years ago, the arrival of the Penney's Christmas catalogue and the Sear's Christmas Book sent our kids scrambling for a pen. They would then ... (read more)

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Older Articles

Let Christmas Deny the World?
There is a wonderful line from the American scholar Stephen L. Carter that is appropriate to the Christmas season: "Religion is, at its heart, a way of ... (read more)
What Do You Do with Jesus at Christmas?
Realize that Jesus did not come to earth so we could celebrate a birthday. He came to save us from our sins. ... (read more)
You Don't Have to Do a House Cleaning for this Christmas Guest
One Christmas when we lived in Denver, we packed up our infant boys in the minivan after Sunday morning church and headed east on Interstate 70 to... (read more)
Not Quite as We Have Told It
If we are honest, there simply are a lot of things that we get wrong about Jesus' birth. It's not that we don't care about the facts, we just seem to lose them in ... (read more)
Yes, Virginia There Really Is ...
There are many things you are discovering as you grow up. One of them has to do with all the fantasies we adults have invented for your entertainment ... (read more)
I have to confess: I like looking at extravagant Christmas gifts. Not out of any desire to give or receive them. I just like to marvel at what's available.... (read more)
Merry Christmas?
I hope I'm not being overly sensitive. But I think window designers, greeting card companies, and media have fallen victim to what I hope is the ... (read more)
The One Born in Bethlehem Can be Born in You
It started even earlier this year. It was bad enough that millions of people began storming the Bastille's of Best Buy, Banana Republic, Target and ... (read more)
A Child Will Lead Them
When I first took a class on family and marital therapy in grad school, I could understand the argument, but thought it was overstated ... (read more)
A Temporary Dwelling
You splurged when you made your mini-vacation accommodations in a very nice hotel. From the minute you enter the lobby you realize this is ... (read more)
Stray Dogs and Jesus
Spiritually we are unlovable, hungry, mangy, and slinking through life with our tail between our legs. ... (read more)
When You're an Old Coot
I've been rereading a book that about a year ago my daughter-in-law and son gave to me. Looking back on it, I figure they are making a statement ... (read more)
Why Shepherds?
Why was heaven's glory revealed to a bunch of nobodies in the middle of nowhere? While shepherds had once been held in high esteem among ... (read more)
I operate from daily to-do lists. Do you? Making out my list not only helps me remember the things ahead but to prioritize them. Deadlines are ... (read more)
What Do You Say?
It's awkward isn't it? "Happy Thanksgiving" no longer applies. "Survive Black Friday" doesn't seem appropriate because you did. And since it's the last day of November it's a bit early to say "Merry Christmas". So we're stuck with "Season's Greetings" or ... (read more)
Beyond Fixing Bicycles
I recently read a little story about a little girl that touched my heart. It seems that this little girl was late coming home for supper one ... (read more)
The Gift of Influence: Teach to Obey
We're flying home on this Saturday after Thanksgiving with a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. We've enjoyed a few special days with ... (read more)
Thankful for the Mercies
You've probably made your list, cooked your meal, and are preparing for some time off, sitting at the table with friends and family, and getting ready ... (read more)
As Far as the East Is from the West
There are lots of reasons to give thanks. It doesn't always seem that way, but if we put our mind to it, we can usually think of more reasons for being thankful than for complaining.... (read more)
Amazing Things Are Happening Here!
The sign outside the New York hospital reads: "Amazing Things Are Happening Here." Truer words were never spoken. Amazing things were ... (read more)
Line in the Sand: Baptize!
Years ago, in the 1960's, my parents crammed their little boys in the car and we all went to the drive-in movie and saw The Alamo... (read more)
A Sure-Fire Investment
I am convinced most people want to do some great thing with their lives. But they are under the illusion that the doing of authentically great things is ... (read more)
The Secret Reason for Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving is just around the corner, sneaking in under the radar. Has it's uniqueness been co-opted or compromised by our ... (read more)
New Roofs and Jesus
Trying to live a new life without getting rid of the old life is not going to work well. It cannot. ... (read more)
Good News for Our Broken World
Hearing the news their son has been killed in Afghanistan has shattered lives. Homes have been destroyed by wildfires. A trusted financial advisor has ... (read more)
Beautiful Feet: Go!
How much did you spend on your feet this past year? Okay, I know that seems like a bit of an odd question, but humor me on this one. How much did you spend for ... (read more)
It Isn't (All) About the Money
Money isn't evil. It is, in fact, necessary in our world. It is the planet's medium of exchange. It is how we assign value to objects ranging from cheese to autos ... (read more)
How many people actually listen to the safety demonstration on an airplane? Nobody thinks that their plane is actually going to be involved in a crash. Besides, if you fly very often, you've heard the same spiel dozens of times. It almost seems like a was... (read more)
More Than Religious Jargon
When Jesus was walking the streets of Judea and Galilee, he talked of glorifying God, bringing God glory, and being glorified. Is that some mystical ... (read more)
Last Words: First Priority
More than three decades have passed. It's hard to believe. The hospital where it happened, West Texas Medical Center, is no longer in ... (read more)
The Scattered Church
A typical Monday-morning question in some circles goes like this: Were you in church yesterday? How was church? Who'd you see at ... (read more)
An Amazing Find
There is an old story handed down from the country of Serendip — or present day Sri Lanka. In this story, three princes traveled the country, and quite by ... (read more)
God Does Not Fix Everyone
So some people God fixes… some He doesn’t. What makes the difference? It is a choice. Our choice. ... (read more)
Tired of the Ugliness?
I'm tired of the ugliness. The financial struggles this year are ugly. The 2012 election cycle promises to be one of the ugliest campaigns in ... (read more)
What Would You Say?
Two people you love are getting married. You are sitting there in the sanctuary as the preacher begins to address them and before they say their ... (read more)
Someone Named Her 'Unwanted'
There are still places in the world where race, caste, or gender puts a person in jeopardy from the moment of birth. The problem is so acute in some parts ... (read more)
Two Questions
The sex was good, the rival eliminated, the baby bump was beginning to show and the whispers and gossip were flying. Then with a point of an aged finger and words that must have caused his head and heart to quake, "you are that man" everyone knew.... (read more)
An Expiry Date
The word "Expiry" is not one we hear often. I remember when I was first introduced to the word. We were living in Kenya, East Africa. When traveling back from ... (read more)
Leaving the Classroom and Living the Life
The professional student. I remember seeing him around campus in college. I'll call him James. James was an old guy. Probably around thirty-two ... (read more)
The List
It's said that the opening of a book is extremely important. The writer needs to engage his readers from the outset, filling them with a desire to read more.... (read more)
Apples in Autumn
Autumn has arrived! This technically happened on September 23, 2011, and the signs of the seasonal changes are all around us. For example, I read the ... (read more)
A Healthier Image of God
From Eden forward, Satan has been telling two vicious lies about God. First, he spreads the awful falsehood that God sets boundaries because ... (read more)
Driven by Delight
Last week I wrote and also spoke on the subject of sexual intimacy. Thank you for your kind notes and messages. I have appreciated several tasteful touches ... (read more)
Church Is a Wellness Center ... Not Just a Hospital
Church is where healing happens. It is where broken lives are restored. ... (read more)
The Home Stretch
The home stretch is the last part of a long or difficult activity. The home stretch is that part of any trip when you realize you are almost home. Your travels ... (read more)
Mortality: Trying It on for Size
I read a Reuters news report about people taking a "test run for death." It got my attention. A trial run at dying? Trying death on for size? Here is ... (read more)
Holy Passion: Sacred Sexuality
Have you ever noticed how nervous church people get when someone talks about God and sex in the same sentence? We are not sure if we should mention ... (read more)

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