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We've heard now for several weeks. The angels announced the coming of the Lord with these words... (read more)

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Don't Let Go!
I find it sad that in a time when so many are full of joy, the pain of the lonely is increased. In more than... (read more)

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Living Simply
Thanks to Elaine St. James for writing this: "Living fully doesn't mean having it all and going everywhere... (read more)

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Older Articles

It's Still Christmas
There is a wonderful line from the American scholar Stephen L. Carter that is worth pondering this Christmas season... (read more)
Away in a Manger
Away in a manger. For many of us, that’s where Jesus is.... (read more)
With Us!
The fulfillment of Isaiah's prophecy happened in the birth of Jesus. But it was not simply in the birth of a child... (read more)
I'm Just a Businessman
I run a profitable business. There are no tax problems, no accusations of fraud. I have nothing to be ashamed of, so why am I so upset... (read more)
Are We Missing Something?
It is 1:00 on Saturday afternoon not too long before Christmas. The kids are with their friends and will be well cared... (read more)
A Jesus Sign?
Driving to visit my sister this past week, I came around a curve in her neighborhood and was confronted by one of her... (read more)
Is This On Your List?
"Confess and repent?" What a depressing way to think about Christmas. Larry, don't you know those old-fashioned terms are out? Codependency... (read more)
Real Community
But what I saw was Jesus. That is the community I want to be a part of…and I am. ... (read more)
I Did It for You!
James and Kati Kim left San Francisco to travel to Seattle for Thanksgiving last year. With the holiday over... (read more)
Mary's Choice
The story is familiar, maybe to the point that we have forgotten how incredible it is. Some have trouble accepting the virgin conception and birth of Jesus because it is so outside our experience.... (read more)
The Inflatable Christmas
One of the holiday decorations that has literally popped up on the lawns of neighborhoods throughout our community, and I suspect around... (read more)
Give Mary Credit
We seldom give Mary, the mother of the Lord much credit. She did far more than just raising Jesus up, she had an incredible... (read more)
Vulnerable God
I guess one of the things I love most about the God I read about in the Bible is his vulnerability. He is a God who can roar, who can order... (read more)
Give Thee or Give Me
Well here we are, trapped between the "Thank You" and the "Give Me" seasons. Somehow it seems that Thanksgiving should follow... (read more)
Avoid Sending SPAM!
The most annoying byproduct of Internet communication has got to be SPAM e-mail. As if normal junk mail wasn’t bad enough, now we live in the age of junk e-mail. There is nothing more frustrating than having the excitement of receiving a new message, on... (read more)
Compassion at Christmas
Her name is Reina and she is 8 years old. She has long dark hair and big brown eyes. She lives in the mountainous region of Guatemala with her... (read more)
It IS More Blessed!
This was one of those God-timed emails. It arrived at just the right moment for several of us at the church office. The email was sent from one of... (read more)
Just Beyond My Vision
As I drove along the highway on the brow of one of the mountains near us, I would occasionally look to my left catching a glimpse of the... (read more)
Human Interface Device
My computer keyboard at my office had been giving me a little trouble, so I decided to change it. I dug out my favorite old keyboard... (read more)
The Person in the Mirror
Christian people who really want to serve the Lord with willing, servant hearts sometimes neglect their own well-being. Jesus said... (read more)
The Best Gifts
Truth is, the best gifts of all are not meant to be kept or even possessed; they are intended to be given a way ... to be passed on from... (read more)
Is That All There Is?
I remember the football game I wanted so badly. At a time when computers were unknown in homes, it was "computerized."... (read more)
Ready to Vanish Away
An older lady was in the hospital reading her Bible when her doctor came in for his visit. She asked him how she was doing. He told her to read... (read more)
What Do You Do?
Donna and I sat as proud parents. Our daughter, Megan, was honored with the servant leadership award along with about a dozen or so other... (read more)
Praise the Lord
Father, help us to realize that You are the source of all our blessings. You, God, are the source. You are the one who gives all blessings. Remind us... (read more)
They're Expecting You
t was a Sunday morning. A bright and perky mom went in to wake her son and tell him it was time to get up, eat a bite of breakfast, and get... (read more)
Chosen by God!
Some things just kind of stick in your mind, like when a little boy said, "I've learned that it makes me sad when I'm the last one chosen... (read more)
My Strength Is in the Lord
When you speak of strength you really have to be specific. We often speak of physical strength and spiritual strength using the same words. How do you... (read more)
Christianity is not the celebration of a season, but a commitment to a lifestyle.... (read more)
Love Beyond the Ledger
There was a time, before Television (BT), when families in the US would gather in their living rooms and listen to radio dramas. "One Man's... (read more)
Always with Thanksgiving
When I was a little boy, my dad sometimes filled in as a preacher at little congregations. What he lacked in polish, he made up for in passion... (read more)
Falling Leaves
I am looking out of my window this morning watching leaves fall to the ground. It is raining leaves. These leaves have died. Some see this as... (read more)
Thanksgiving and Walking the Boundaries
There is an annual custom in Switzerland called "walking the bound." Everyone in the village takes a ceremonial walk around the boundaries... (read more)
Free to Serve
Growing up, we all had our turn at jobs — like cutting grass with that old mower that didn't cut very well or cleaning the woodwork in the kitchen or worst... (read more)
Children on Thanksgiving
With the Thanksgiving holiday soon to arrive for those in the U.S., I thought you might enjoy these excerpts from a book called... (read more)
A Day of Thanksgiving!
As the holiday season approaches I get excited! The thrill of families coming together, enjoying great food, cooler weather, long held traditions, and, of course, great food, is the recipe for my perfect time of year.... (read more)
Checking Off Boxes?
We need to be careful to avoid a "checking off boxes" approach to our faith! What am I talking about? Let me explain. When most of us were... (read more)
A Distressing Secret to Success
There are all sorts of "secrets to success" lists in circulation. There is probably valuable truth in each of them. Commons threads of optimism... (read more)
In the Shadow of God
Autumn in the Appalachians is my husband's idea of heaven on earth. Sam is in his element in Autumn. It makes me chilly just thinking about... (read more)
Leaving a Legacy of Faith
What do you owe your kids? I believe God expects us to give our children these four things ... Now other things are important as well, like a good... (read more)
The Value of Small
We tend to focus on big. Big cars. Big houses. Big churches. Big budgets. Big signs. Big events. Big bank accounts. Big projects. Big attendance. Big numbers.... (read more)
Hope for Life
Viktor Frankl was a Jew living in Nazi Germany.... (read more)
Kids Say the Most Important Things!
She couldn't wait to tell me about it. It was her story of faith. "My little granddaughter, Tina, was in Children's Hospital, Santa Ana, California. We had... (read more)
Respect Your Mother!
When all this began two months ago, I wanted to share with you seven principles your grandfather, Daddy Al, taught me. I know that you never... (read more)
Rest for the Weary
Lord, there are some weary people reading these words. Let them hear Your invitation to come to You with their burdens and their weary... (read more)
To Know This Love That Surpasses Knowledge
I'll probably never know exactly what was going on in Alex's heart and mind that day in the grocery store when my son screamed... (read more)
Leaving the Past, Living the Kingdom
As we get older, we have a tendency to look back, and if we aren’t careful, to give in to the selective eyesight that sees only the problems and... (read more)

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