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Our Motivation
A young, somewhat cocky, cowboy was riding his horse one day when he spied a hunched-over old farm hand... (read more)

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A Gift Certificate for Jesus?
"I don't know what to get!" the older boy said with frustration. "He's got all the gadgets! And, he sure... (read more)

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Buy Your Own Gift!
Well it's time to ask the most important question for this time of year! What gift were you hoping... (read more)

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Older Articles

Living with the Gift
The gifts are opened and the wrapping has been thrown away. Christmas has come and gone for another... (read more)
After the Christmas Lights are Gone
I just got in from walking our dog. It’s that time of the night when everybody is home, but not yet... (read more)
The White Envelope: A Follow Up
I wanted to share something with you about the article Heartlight sent out on Christmas morning... (read more)
The White Envelope
It’s just a small, white envelope stuck among the branches of our Christmas tree. No name, no... (read more)
My Christmas Present
The parking lot was full. It was early on Sunday afternoon. I hadn't expected to see so many people... (read more)
O That Christmas Spending!
USA Today reports that a 25-year-old Memphian has declared his intention to renounce the... (read more)
What about Xmas?
Some might object to writing about Christmas the way it is in the title. However, it is not sacrilegious... (read more)
Happy Birthday Bro!
I am blessed with two great physical brothers, both of whom I admire. We journeyed through the suburbs... (read more)
Baby Worship
"Want to go see babies?" someone asked, pointing to the hallway of the hospital nursery. "What for?"... (read more)
Another Reason Not To ...
Joe Namath has joined the growing ranks of ex-boozers who tout the benefits of sobriety. Given the family... (read more)
One of Us
On February 15, 1921, there was a doctor who performed an appendectomy. The doctor performing the... (read more)
The Picture
The snapshot had remained hidden away in a cupboard for about fifty years. It was a picture of an old steam... (read more)
Guilt by Any Other Name
Lynn Anderson tells the story of a lady he calls Martha. She had heard him talk about the effects... (read more)
Damaged and Discarded
I love to read! This love was instilled within me during my youth. This love for reading still lives in... (read more)
Buried in My Old Attic?
This is our first Christmas in a new town. That means that when we moved here in early summer, we... (read more)
Christ and Christmas
Recent polls find that only one-third of Americans consider Christ's birth the most important aspect... (read more)
It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas
In a recent article by Jackie Cohen, CBS Market Watch said that "Americans are apparently in a festive mood... (read more)
Removing the Evidence
Here are some actual maintenance complaints submitted by US Air Force pilots and the replies from the maintenance crews.... (read more)
Make Every Day Like Christmas
We recieved the first snow of the season today. It wasn't even an inch of snowfall, yet it turned the mountains into a beautiful, crystal-white... (read more)
It Only Comes with Rain
Isn't it fascinating that when we are in drought, we can add lots of water and fertilizer to our lawns, and they only partially perk up... (read more)
With Power
I went to a local school council (LSC) meeting at my son's school this week. The LSC is made up of parents, teachers, the school... (read more)
Hard Winter Chill
Are you a winter person? Over the years, I've learned that there are winter people and that there... (read more)
Our Legacy
Children are gifts from God. God has entrusted us with something precious to him — an eternal someone... (read more)
My Old Watch
I have had the same watch for twenty-four years. It was a gift from an uncle. He gave it to me when I was... (read more)
Do You Know Who I Am?
The following story is told about a United Airlines gate agent in Denver, Colorado who was confronted... (read more)
It Never Left
"How'd ya like that movie, Shane?" I asked my sleepy little guy as we walked towards our car.... (read more)
Relationship Gardening
The Bible is full of gardens; the garden of Eden, the infamous garden Ahab wanted on Naboth's... (read more)
A Lesson in Priorities
Pat Dyer must not be too bad a high school football coach. He is the head coach for Macon County High... (read more)
The One Left Behind
Winter is setting in where we live. Frost covers the grass in the morning. Leaves are letting go and are... (read more)
Morning Glory
We're learning to be tillers of the soil. Actually, Nancy's learning and I'm standing on the porch... (read more)
Trailing Me
We had about an hour before the sun went down. That was just enough time for Shane and I to meet up with... (read more)
How Lazy Can You Get?
The story is told of a man who told his doctor that he wasn't able to do all the things around the house... (read more)
In Psalm 100, the psalmist reminds us to "Enter his gates with Thanksgiving in our hearts."... (read more)
Taste and See
This is the week to taste. Perhaps no other season of the year is more associated with taste than... (read more)
Time for Thanksgiving
The ability to be genuinely grateful is one of the purest and holiest impulses of the human heart. To be... (read more)
The Lost Art of Giving Thanks
Does it seem strange to anyone else but me that the biggest shopping day of the year in the U.S. is the... (read more)
Quieted with His Love
I thought of my life. I thought of what the passage says about God and how He feels about me. He is mighty to save.... (read more)
The Challenge to Just Be
How do we face a challenge? Dictionaries help us understand that a challenge originally was an accusation or a reproach.... (read more)
Open My Ears
Here is a collection of humorous headlines, some of which you may have seen before and some of which may be new to... (read more)
Home is Where ...
Beverly Mitchell returned to her Douglasville, Georgia, home after a recent vacation to discover that things weren't exactly... (read more)
Making a Friend
My sister and I attended a country school, and as often happens with children, two of our friends got mad at us... (read more)
The Old Clock
My wife, Melody, and I are clock collectors on a very amateur level. We don't necessarily buy clocks because they are old and... (read more)
Running Out of Time
The clock is ticking. The calendar is winding down. I'm running out of time. I made myself some promises about some... (read more)
Re-Thinking Election Strategy?
During my "growing up" years in Texas, my father ran for political office three times. When I was four, he ran for judge.... (read more)
No Pain, No Gain
Six months ago, I was feeling great. My workout time was really beginning to pay off. As I pulled into the parking lot at the gym... (read more)
A Look in the Mirror
A woman rushes to see her doctor, looking very much worried and all strung out. She rattles off, "Doctor, take a look at me.... (read more)
The Truth in Broken Glass
"His finger prints were all over the shattered window," was the response the police gave regarding how they caught... (read more)

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