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Being Used by GodBeing Used by God
by Tom Norvell

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    He has made major mistakes in his life. Some of those mistakes have produced serious pain and sorrow in those who love him. At one point he did not know if his life was worth living. He was on the verge of destruction. He surrendered his life to God. Now he has purpose and direction. He has experienced God’s grace and is actively sharing a message of hope. He is being used by God.

    She has taught elementary school for over twenty years. When she gets home she sometimes forgets to stop using her teacher voice when she speaks to her husband and her own children. There are times she wonders if she is making a difference. One day a little boy came up to her desk after school and told her his mother was very sick. She put down her pen and papers and held him in her arms. She is being used by God.

    He works for a major corporation. Most days he feels fairly insignificant and unappreciated. One day he noticed a coworker seemed low-spirited so he invited him to lunch. He listened to the story of a broken home, a broken heart and shattered dreams. He offered a few words of comfort, but mostly he listened. He is being used by God.

    She is young and inexperienced in the ways of ministry, but she loves the Lord. She wants to make a difference. She spent the summer in a strange town, living with a strange family, meeting new people, making new friends, teaching God’s Word, and demonstrating the Godly life. She made a difference. She is being used by God.

    He is getting older. His health is failing. He cannot do all that he once did. He welcomes visitors. He gives a friendly smile. He encourages. He prays. He uses his gifts for the Lord. He wants to do more. He is being used by God.

    She doesn’t drive at night and there are some days when her arthritis makes it difficult to move. But, she prays for her family, her friends, and for her church. She often sends cards of encouragement and notes that are timely and sweet. She is being used by God.

“...anyone who gives a cup of cold water in my name...”
    He is not old enough to drive. He is not yet into dating. He’s a teenager and trying to find his way with the Lord. There are times when he is confused and frustrated with life. He traveled to a foreign country to help those who needed his help. He is being used by God.

    He is a young man with lots of potential. He is searching to find his place in the world. There are times when he struggles with the difference between what could be and what is. He tries to keep his hopes alive. During the summer he has invested himself in the lives of young children. They look up to him. They admire him. He has changed them by his presence in their lives. He is being used by God.

    God may never call us to preach to the masses. He may never lead us to a foreign mission field. But, He will work in us and through us to minister to those in need. He will if we will allow ourselves to be used by God. “I tell you the truth, anyone who gives a cup of cold water in my name because you belong to Christ will certainly not lose his reward” (Mark 9:41, NIV)

    Let Him use you!

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      © 2002, Tom Norvell. Used by permission. A Norvell Note is a weekly email message from Tom Norvell. Check it out!

      Title: "Being Used by God"
      Author: Tom Norvell
      Publication Date: August 27, 2002


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Tom NorvellTom Norvell is the author of "A Norvell Note." He ministers at the East Brainerd Church of Christ in Chattanooga, Tennessee.


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