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A Blanket of LoveA Blanket of Love
by Betty Jo Mings

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He will swallow up death forever! The Sovereign LORD will wipe away all tears. He will remove forever all insults and mockery against his land and people. The LORD has spoken! (Isaiah 25:8 NLT)

    Adam, my two and a half year old grandson, is constantly amazing us by the things he does and says. He has a special little soft blanket that is his favorite possession. He drags it around the house and holds on to it when he goes to sleep. He always wants it in close sight. He doesn’t want to give it up, even when it needs washing.

    His Mommy is expecting another baby in six months, and Adam is excited about the baby. One day his Mommy got some very sad news, and she started sobbing. Adam was so upset to see her cry that he got a Kleenex and crawled up into her lap, wiped away her tears and patted her cheek. “Don’t cry Mommy,” he said. “It will be all right.” When she still cried he finally said, “Don’t cry, Mommy. I’ll give the baby my blanket.”

“Don’t cry, Mommy.”
    We were all so touched that this sweet little child was willing to give up his most prized possession to help take away his Mommy’s pain.

    It made me think about our precious Lord, and how He feels when He sees our tears. He tells us, “Don’t cry. For I will give you My blanket of love. Your tears are very precious to Me, and I have saved each teardrop that has fallen from your eyes. Some day, because your sins have been covered by My blood, I will take you to your beautiful new home in Heaven where there will be no more tears and no more sorrow. Because I love you so much you can find security and peace in My blanket of love.”

    How thankful I am that I have been given this security — His blanket of love.

For the Lamb who stands in front of the throne will be their Shepherd. He will lead them to the springs of life-giving water. And God will wipe away all their tears. (Revelation 7:17 NLT)
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      © 2002, Betty Jo Mings. Used by permission.

      Title: "A Blanket of Love"
      Author: Betty Jo Mings
      Publication Date: July 12, 2002


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